PERNELLE @ SS2015 Hong Kong Presentation

PERNELLE SS2015 Hong Kong collection gets its influenced from the domed architecture of Italian cathedrals. Designs bring to mind the solemn beauty of Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, and streets and alleys full of Renaissance spirit. Artistic elements and European chic come together in an individual style. The season's leather handbags are truly unique. Pernelle's fine and detail designs are brought to life by hand-picked materials and leather as well as top-notch workmanship. These leather masterpieces of modern sophistication, multifarious in shape and form, are ideal accessories for the modern woman.

<Scatola Collection>
Supple Italian leather adorned with light gold brass hardware; simplistic silhouettes ingeniously perfected by semi-polished Italian leather that has a subtle shine. This collection features handbags and clutches that are clean, cool and glamorous at the same time, epitomising the brand;s vision of Italian femininity.

<Viviana Collection>
Viviana creations are influenced by the dome shape of cathedrals in Italy. Sinuous contour made perfect by smart cutting of Italian artisans; diamond-shaped handles redefine the classic design concept; traditional construction handsomely revolutionized. This collection in top class Italian leather juxtaposes contemporary and traditional ideas. Soft to the touch leather handles depict timeless sophistication, exemplifying the elegance of the metropolitan Italian women.

<Pop Art - Summery Drawstring Bag>
Drawstring bags are inspired by pop art which boldly established things with no artistic contents as art. Pop art is rooted in life and brings everyday items into the world of art. this top grade refined Italian leather pleases with a solid yet supple hand feel, Small, functional, light and highly versatile, these sweet feminine bags are created for the smart and fancy-free city girl.

<Sumptuous Zoo - Tropicana Collection>
Echoes the adorable creatures at Milan Zoos and Aquariums, a place that has long fascinated the designer and where he frequented as a child. Zoos have an unmatched charisma: fearsome tigers, agile monkeys, cute toucans......every animal has its unique charm. Zoo animals provide a wealth of inspiration. Tropicana s a collection bursting with summer colours. Motifs like the designers' favorite toucan, women's haughty eyes and hot lips mingle artfully with a top grade leather and exquisite craftsmanship, cumulating into pure luxury. Motifs in vivid colours are focal points of every design, catching the eye with irresistible glamour.

<Psychedelic Forest Collection>
A vibrant expression of colours brings out the best of nature, as in a scene of the psychedelic forest in a Tim Burton movie. Common forest shades are blended in a refreshingly new way. Top class refined Italian leather is mixed and matched in forest motifs. A Kaleidoscope of forest hues and simplistic sophistication make the perfect formula for noble air.

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