KIEHL'S @ Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence

KIEHL'S Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence renew, re-nourish and replenish aging skin with iris florentina root extract instantly reveals  radiant, smooth and younger looking skin. When skin is young, it is smooth and possesses a healthy, rosy glow. At the earliest stages of aging, skin’s texture begins to look rough, fine lines are more visible, and youthful radiance is lost. It is at this stage when women begin to notice that they no longer “look like themselves” or that something isn’t “quite right” with their skin. The causes of these early signs of aging are three-fold: skin’s hydration levels and cell turnover rate decrease, while the integrity of the skin’s layers is reduced. Harnessing the nourishing power of Iris Florentina Root Extract, this advanced liquid concentrate quickly and deeply penetrates the skin to boost radiance, reduce fine lines, and improve dullness.

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