agnès b. LE PAIN GRILLÉ & CAFÉ L.P.G. 2014 Christmas Special

agnès b. LE PAIN GRILLÉ & CAFÉ L.P.G. unleash your Christmas holiday mood and be overwhelmed with an array of Christmas menu, goodies and confectionaries!! This festive season, a special Christmas menu is offered, including <Gruyére & Emmenthal Cheese Fondue>, <Platter of Crumbed Camembert Cheese & Foie Gras Terrine > and <French Slow-Cook Turkey Breast in Red Wine Casserole>.

Speaking to a fan of cheese, munch on the grilled sausages dipped in the cheesy sauce, or enjoy the crisp of the deep fried cheese quarter to fulfill your crave! 

Apart from the delicious special menus at agnès b. LE PAIN GRILLÉ, there is no way to miss the sweet cakes available exclusively during Christmas season. Hail yes for all to find the chocolate inspired cakes in the most tempting looks.

A wide range of delectable dishes, adorable gingerbread cookies, x’mas log cake and mini cakes, and the core sweet treats of b. barista cookies and cookie lollipops.

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