Olivia Wilde @ The New Face of H&M Conscious Exclusive Campaign

H&M announces Olivia Wilde to be the new face of the latest Conscious Exclusive campaign. Wilde is known for her commitment to sustainability and her engagement for environmental causes will appear in the campaign wearing pieces from the collection. "Sustainability is one of my biggest passions. I; m proud to be the face of H&M Conscious sustainability," says Olivia Wilde. There's a global influence to this year's Conscious Exclusive collection, with inspiration from African, Asian and Indian cultures in both cut and detail. Dresses are a focus, along with hand-drawn prints created especially for the collection. Each garment and accessory is mode of materials such as organic silk, organic cotton, organic linen, Tencel, recycled polyester and conscious leather. The collection is the latest stage in H&M's long-term commitment to more sustainable fashion.

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