Hermès @ 2014 Christmas Fragrance Pick

Hermès has specially chosen a fragrance for HIM and for HER to celebrate this festive season of joy and love.

For HIM, the Terre d’Hermès is a  fragrance that lies between the earth and the sky, the story of an alchemy, a journey through the elements: earth, air and water. A woody, vegetal and mineral eau de toilette for men. A man, feet planted, bends to grasp a handful of earth. He feels its weight, its texture. He explores it, assesses its stony roughness, its harsh richness. Then, with a confident, sweeping movement, he throws it into the air. An alliance is forged; earth and air, artisan and poet, man and the heavens. Like a Pagan ritual of thanks to Mother Earth he celebrates the very material of his life, the unfailing nature of the elements, always in our grasp, colouring our imagination. Original metamorphosis. Alchemy. Endlessly transformable.

For HER , the Jour d’Hermès: the birth of femininity by the light of Hermès. Since its creation, Jour d’Hermès has marked the dawn, and its graceful luminous sillage has revealed the beauty of women. Armfuls, bouquets, sprays, clusters, garden flowers and elegant cut flowers, morning flowers and evening flowers - they all compose this floral written in a taut, caressing style. Conceived and fashioned by Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Jean-Claude Ellena and Pierre Hardy, Jour d’Hermès illustrates every downstroke and upstroke of an essential femininity, revealed by light, the primary raw material at Hermès. Seizing the day every day, that is the promise of Jour d’Hermès. In the footsteps of the most beautiful French perfumery, Jour d’Hermès Absolu captures the essence of Jour d’Hermès in order to reinterpret it, like a new rendition of the initial floral symphony. From the eminently to the absolutely feminine, Jour d’Hermès Absolu is an utterly voluptuous rewriting of the floral theme. In its absolute femininity, this new day, this new Jour radiates a light all its own, as a declaration to the womanhood sublimated within it. Its intensely sensual, skin-like sillage is generous and opulent, vibrating with noon time luminosity, like a promise of a radiant rebirth.

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