OPERA HOUSE Italian Restaurant & Bistrot Presents Winter Lobster Saturday Brunch Buffet

Opera House Italian Restaurant & Bistrot introduces the Winter Lobster Saturday Brunch Buffet and specially created a series of 13 Boston lobster dishes the Italian way. Breaking the tradition ways of having lobsters, you can indulge in an extravagant lobster feast on a relaxing Saturday. Appetizers available at the lobster buffet include <Lobster Carpaccio with Extra Olive Oil & Lemon Dressing> and <Lobster Tartar with Asparagus & Bell Pepper Sauce>. The two dishes provide the perfect start to the lobster party with fresh Boston lobster sashimi that is refreshing and delicious. The <Half Cold Lobster Cut> certainly be the highlight of the brunch that will tantalize your palates with its crunchy texture and flavorful bites. Roast beef, lamb rack, frilled seafood and chicken wrap are added to the buffet. <Baked Lobster with Four Seasoning> baked in four different homemade sauces inspired by cheese, pumpkin, basil and tomatoes, that presents four different layer of freshness. 

<Lobster Egg Benedict with Spinach> comes with a strong Dutch sauce and sunshine egg that will satisfy any taste bud. 

The <Lobster Pasta with Basil>, al dente pasta and lobster looks as good as it tastes. <Lobster Risotto with Cherry Tomato and Mint Sauce> made by frying lobster meat in a combination of white wine and brandy together with Italian camaroli rice. Topped off with a tint of homemade mint sauce, the risotto is seamless conjuration  of flavor and texture.

The <Lobster Salad with Avocado & Corn Salsa> also not to be missed. In addition, the <Cream Lobster Soup> brewed carefully over a small fire warms both the stomach and the heart with its rich and creamy lobster taste. There are also a large selection of Italian cheese and ham to choose from.

In addition, the Saturday Brunch also includes <Tortelli with Crab Meat and Lobster>, homemade tortelli filled with a generous amount of crab and Boston lobster meat served in a special sauce made with Italian tomatoes. <Mini Lobster Burger with Truffle Mayonnaise> served with homemade bread that gives diners an extravagant sensory experience with every single bite.

Opera House Italian Restaurant & Bistrot
109-111 Queen’s Road East, 
Wanchai Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2520 6677/8

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