OMEGA @ Fine Jewelry Flower Collection

 OMEGA Fine Jewelry Flower collection define femininity and are sublime expressions of the wearer’s style and personality, featuring a design that is made up of five interlocking Ω symbols. Fine Jewellery OMEGA Flower pendants, necklaces and bracelet available in 18K red gold with a mother-of-pearl cabochon or in 18K white gold with diamonds and an onyx cabochon, the Fine Jewellery OMEGA Flower pendants are splendid interpretations of celestial and terrestrial powers. They hang beautifully from an understated 18K red or white gold Fine Jewellery OMEGA Flower necklace. Rings featuring the same designs and materials as the pendants pair perfectly with the other accessories in this collection. The collection is enhanced with more elaborate 18K red gold necklaces that are adorned with one, seven or ten mother-of-pearl cabochons. These three pieces complement the delicate 18K red gold Fine Jewellery OMEGA Flower bracelet which is decorated with five mother-of-pearl cabochons.  The Fine Jewellery OMEGA Flower collection is complete with breath-taking earrings that evoke a mixture of refinement and sensuality. The ultimate accessories for casual and formal events, the 18K gold earrings are fashioned with a mother-of-pearl cabochon and are available in three styles: classic dangles that hang just below the earlobe and studs that are shaped like a flower or encircled by an evocative gold ring. The round earrings are also available in elusive 18K white gold with a dazzling arrangement of diamonds.

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