MONCLER FW2014/15 @ Roots To The Future Collection

MONCLER FW2014/15 Roots To The Future Collection references to the past and futuristic innovations. Moncler’s appeal lies in roots sunk firmly into the future, in loyalty to tradition and constant dedication to evolving technology and style. The men’s collection focuses on themes with a clearly distinguished spirit, and on part of the collection which pays tribute to the brand’s history.

Drawing on time-honoured garments from the ‘50s, the spotlight is focused on treated cotton produced in strong hues, as was customary before the advent of nylon. The models fully live up to the comfort and lightness of the present-day, whilst still managing to convey a retro mood that is slightly voluminous and reminiscent of the great alpine expeditions.

The urban soul of the collection, on the other hand, is developed through a series of new boudin garments made in diamond and herringbone patterns. They feature more elongated silhouettes, the various parka versions of which are the season’s cult garment.

The Military theme remains one of the season’s strongest accents, with evolutions in the camouflage prints achieved with skilful speckling effects. The biker spirit is defined with the series of all-black items, with both glossy and opaque nuances. They range from the quilted bomber jacket to hooded models with splashes of light provided by the finishing

Tricot and flannels once again play a starring role in a deliberate contrast with the ultra-resistant nylons. In particular, the knitwear range continues to expand to complement the mood of the jackets. The knitwear sees yarns ranging from cashmere to alpaca, Shetland and kid mohair. Finally we see a small collection dedicated to Lionel Terray. Six ultra-technical models have been designed by Moncler to remember the great French mountaineer, who was the first person to foresee the potential of the quilted jackets produced by his friend René Ramillon, founder of Moncler. The look is decidedly Heritage and the range of colours revolves around the historic nuances of bold blue, orange and red. Every model features a purposely-designed internal label.

The women’s collection presents the all-new Doudoune Legére which blends warmth and lightness into one. More consistent than the Moncler Longue Saison models, in terms of cold protection levels, the Doudoune Legére is designed to wear as the first chills of the season hit. It sees a thicker-width boudin, and a down coefficient ranging from 90 to 120. As with the Moncler Longue Saisons, it is made using a process for injecting the down directly, and is identified with a specific label.

Larger volumes provide unrivalled comfort and practicality. The new Doudoune Legére is made in glossy and opaque nylon and almost all have the distinguishing feature of large-size zips and collars. The chicer additions of the season see creamy white coats making an appearance, conjuring up images verging on couture in macramé-effect nylon and wool fabric, tapered to create an elegantly retro silhouette.

The total white look sees transversal zips that provide a strong and precise touch of style.
The parka appears in a variety of versions and becomes the cult garment of the season, together with the bomber, naturally down-filled, and the mini-coats trimmed with a maxi border on the bottom. Reversibility is another key point of the collection. It concentrates on certain particular models, the interiors of which can be used perfectly on the outside as well. Wools with a carded touch warm up tartan prints in dark red, myrtle and cypress green. Furs such as spitz beaver enhance the season’s proposals, whilst the lapin is produced using exclusive digital prints that create a camouflage effect. Pony skin is printed with a leopard-skin motif and is then used over the doudoune on the outside.

A fancy touch is developed in the Twist models, the more girly section of the collection. Tartan is brought to life with an intense red, and studs give a gutsier finishing touch to garments. The knitwear continues to expand to complement the mood of the jackets. The collection includes yarns ranging from cashmere to alpaca, Shetland and kid mohair. They are worked in different fineness gauges to guarantee a range that is as wide as possible.

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