JOHN GALLIANO FW2014/15 Men Collection

JOHN GALLIANO FW2014/15 Men Collection themed urban race. In the Man’s competitive world is articulated and active as techniques are tailored and streamlined for this collection.

The silhouette is sculpted, textured, bonded and fit for function in track green. From burgundy through to melon and cider yellow. Midnight violet, navy and anthracite grey punctuate dawn blue to the after dark black out of living life 24/7.

The cyclist bluson, the racing coat and the big puffa in burgundy or black all with elastic down blue/melon shot bands. Flawless in function: the sprinter and the trophy blazer, the crombie and marble stripe caban highlight ergonomic design. New keyway shirts in paper-light nylons, the elastic evening shirt and neoprenes are worn with biomorphic knit leggings and jersey track pants.

Round collars to bubble v-necks, diamond for embroidered sleeves to ink blue leather bonded with matt track jersey. Collars, revers, pockets and sleeves are super imposed and technical organza laser cuts pockets and shirt bibs – the unexpected is ls luxury and luxury is key.

From the soft felt hat, smart, black navy, burgundy to the bespoke city trainer in acid coloured cros with aerodynamic sole it’s a photo finish at Galliano Homme in the competitive urban race.

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