UNIQLO @ Lee Theatre Flagship Store Grand Opening

UNIQLO opened its new global flagship store, aptly named the UNIQLO Lee Theatre Flagship Store in Causeway Bay recently .The three storeys new store boasts over 37,500 ft2, gathers the brand’s full product lines and collections, and has specially established the world’s second ever UT Store in Store and offered limited edition items.
The store’s design features the essence of UNIQLO’s heritage as a flagship store, implementing simple and clear design-work and unique hanging mannequins to pass through each floor. The overall setting fully expresses UNIQLO’s diverse clothing and echoes the fashion pilgrimage of many Tokyo labels in Causeway Bay’s hottest locations.
In its role to expand world fashion and increase the popularity of casual wear, the UNIQLO Lee Theatre Flagship Store has unique products and riveting store design and gathers the brand’s full collection for all ages, ranging from infants to adults, to take care of the different needs of each individual. UNIQLO hopes to promote its “LifeWear” brand concept in the new store, which allows clothing to be fully integrated with your life, bringing added excitement to every individual.
The world’s second ever UT Store in Store opens for shoppers who want to browse T-shirt collections designed by world’s major brands and top designers. The Lee Theatre Flagship Store’s UT Store in Store follows Japan’s premiere UT Store’s use of metallic designs, framing clothing masterpieces on both sides so that Hong Kong customers get a futuristic feel from the display.
This season, other than designs inspired by the DisneyPixar Project, One Piece and other popular cartoon T-shirts, more crossovers will be introduced, including classic clothes from FIAT 500 and Jeep’s classic styles for boys, which showcase the wild and neat style of car models.
For girls, UT has collaborated with Celia Britwell, the famous British design brand, and with the handbag and accessories brand Lulu Guinness, launching items with eye-catching floral patterns. UT lets customers express their creativity and personality through UNIQLO’s simple and comfortable clothing. Karen Walker has also been invited to collaborate on a series of adorable girl’s UT exclusively selling in flagship store, and the women’s series will be available in May. In addition, children UT will launch a popular Star Wars series in May, because UNIQLO lets kids feel stylish as well.

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