Dragonair X JW Marriot Hong Kong Man Ho @ New Inspired Inflight Menu

Dragonair announced the second year of its collaboration with JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong Man Ho Chinese restaurant offering exciting and innovative Chinese dishes in the air. Dragonair passengers on selected flights from Hong Kong to Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chengdu, Kunming, Qingdao and Fukuoka can now enjoy a series of health-inspired dishes from a specially designed inflight menu created by JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong’s Executive Chinese Chef Ip Kwok-fai, based on the principles of using five primary colours in food.
Dragonair General Manager Inflight Services Andy Wong said: “As a world-class airline, one of our priorities is to always offer our passengers the best inflight experience. Dragonair has become well-known for its high-quality inflight cuisine.  Following last year’s well-received Chinese inflight menu promotion with the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, we are delighted to join hands with them again for this latest series. This menu will provide innovative and exciting dishes I’m sure will be appreciated by all our passengers.”
Chef Ip creations are based on the concept of the five colours in food inspired from the “Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic", an ancient Chinese medical text and fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine which has a history of more than two millennia. The concept puts an emphasis on achieving balance in one’s body through well-rounded nutrition that includes using ingredients of five different colours - green, red, yellow, white and black. These colours are believed to be good for the liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney, respectively.
From the new menu, “Braised Scallop with Fresh Tomato, Papaya and Chinese Yam” illustrates how the five-colours principle is applied with creative flair. Papaya, yellow in colour, helps to improve the functioning of the spleen while the white Chinese yam helps to strengthen the functioning of the lung and kidney. Combining with the sweet and sour flavour from the red tomato, the dish is made perfect to enjoy in the summer.  The menu also features other dishes that use other green vegetables and black Chinese fungus providing balance to the diet. Some of the dishes being served on the new inflight menu are exclusive to Dragonair.  “Each type of ingredient has its own natural strengths and benefits that can nurture the body and prevent illness. Every ingredient can act like medicine when it is carefully chosen,” said Chef Ip, who hopes passengers will enjoy his delicious creations based on the concept of healthy living.

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