John Hardy @ Father Day's Pick

 JOHN HARDY Asia Pacific limited edition Nage watch inspired by the mythical dragon and its importance to Balinese cultureas a symbol of love, prosperity and protection, John Hardy’s Naga collection brings the legend to life, especially for this coming Father’s Day. Rich with details and gemstones, it reflects the origins of the inspiration while displaying extraordinary craftsmanship and excellent quality. As much a jewel as a timepiece, the sterling silver carved chain round watch features 18K gold, Cabochon Ruby and nine colorful Sapphires that adorn the cosmic dragon brought to life on the back surface, as well as a black spinel on the crown. Combined with an enamel dial, full sterling silver Swiss movement and bezel, the watch is matched with a stylish black alligator bracelet, exuding a distinctly modern, unconventional and masculine vibe.
The Father-and-son's Naga Bracelet is one of the world’s few remaining jewelers that still weave their sterling silver and 18k gold chains by hand. Inspired by amythical Balinese dragon that represents love, prosperity and protection, the iconic Naga collection combines modernity and masculinity to celebrate the intimate bonds between father and son on Father’s Day. The matching father-and-son bracelets from the Naga collection feature an ornate dragon head clasp and intricate dragon scales individually hand-carved.These pieces represent John Hardy’s belief in exquisite quality,as well as in the dynamic between designers and artisans. The result of this adherence to its values is breathtaking pieces that are collectable, unique and stunningly beautiful.

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