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For more than 15 years working in various Paris fashion houses, from Iceberg to Sonia Rykiel and a decade-plus with Louis Vuitton under the artistic Director of Marc Jacobs as Studio Director of Women's wear and now the Creative Director of Nina Ricci, Peter Copping reinterpret and redefine this luxury brand more than 80 years old from the classic French chic to a more ultra feminine cosmopolitan with enlightened sophistication and bringing more life and wearable approach from his design to a global brand.  He also introduced a range of powdery hues that evoke the sensual and satin aspects of the skin, evoking the world of dreams and merging the image of the Ricci woman with a vision of spontaneous authenticity. British-born Copping stopped over in Hong Kong for a short visit recently and told mylifestylenews how he continues to make women beautiful by capturing the ultra-feminine side of the modern wardrobe.

I was born in England and studied at the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins in London before working for the Italian label Iceberg as well as Sonia Rykiel.

I joined Louis Vuitton in 1997 as Marc Jacobs' first-ever assistant for launching the house's ready-to-wear before I held the title of women's wear Studio Director.

In 2009, Puig Fashion Group, Nina Ricci's parent company convinced me to take up the post as Nina Ricci's Artistic Director to revamp the luxury brand to a much more fashion-world appeal into a global brand as well as to beef up the accessories design.

Nina Ricci established her Parisian Couture house as a hallmark of elegance in 1932. Wearing Nina Ricci representing femininity via a sophisticated luxuriousness yet intentionally relaxed style.

Her main goal was to channel the personality of every woman, proposing a classic wardrobe that favoured naturalness over ostentation. Her design are know for combining sumptuous materials with soft draping, tailoring and her ability to capture the essence and synonymous with contemporary fashion.

She was born in Turin and moved to Monaco with her family before she settled in Paris and spent 20 years refining her art as a couturier and developing her unsurpassed technical expertise. Stepped in Parisian Savoir-fair, her mission is to make women look beautiful with a youthful sparkle.

Women who wear Nina Ricci's shall appear to be subtly fresh and graciously composed and not unlike a flower in bloom ~ Femininity is the key of the essence of the brand's DNA. 

I add the femininity through a youthful and graceful sensuality to the design and trying not to go too far away from the goals as associated with the brand's beginnings.

Nina Ricci has always been an incredibly feminine label, yet with a relaxed feel. I was very lucky, because the heritage left by Nina Ricci was more of a spirit than imposed dogmas. By continuation this approach, I am trying to capture the ultra-feminine side of the modern wardrobe.

I use a lot of satin and floaty chiffon, delicate prints and laces dresses as these material  are light and subtle, they make women ultra-feminine and bring out the gracefulness and the sophistication of a woman.

FW2013/14 collection continues the elegance and femininity with a sexuality and finding a balance of these three elements. You will find a lot of day wear with luxury fabrics and detailed tailoring. Blush pink cropped pants in quilted parachute silk, jackets with neckline designed as if a sweater is tied around the shoulders, trimmed faux bustier top, tartan mohair boat neck top and pencil skirts making it look more slim and wearable.

Fashion to me is very personal and yet I put my life and give 100% in it and it is the passion for life.

Since I came on board, I reestablished the brand and incorporated the day wear pieces into a much more Nina Ricci style of elegance and sophistication.

Nina Ricci before my time was very feminine as ever and very appropriate. My interpretation of Nina Ricci is contemporary, modern and yet not forgetting the style, spirit and roots. I like using lace, especially dyed lace, jade green. I add in some British street culture, punk inspiration and influences into the feminine design.

When I design, I design style instead of trends as style will gradually become trends.

I am now working on the 2014 Cruise collection and there will be lots of bright colors. There are still some details need to be finalized.

China no doubt is the current focus for many fashion houses. Everyone needs to get press to keep up the name.

Finding the balance by making more wearable selling pieces or a more serious show pieces is a challenge. It is hard to just only focus on one.

Imperfection leaves me rooms to improve and alert me to doing it even better next time.

Pink, Fuchsia are one of my favorite colors. 

I like to wear a Japanese brand 45R for its comfort and simplicity design.

Nina Ricci do associate well on red carpets, we did dress a few celebrities for a few events.

Natalie Portman do fit in very well with Nina Ricci and hopefully one day there will be an opportunity to work together.

Fast fashion come and go fast and people buying it for the trend and for its price but it is nothing like a well made dress that can last for decades.

Collaboration with other fashion brands is still an on going process, as long as the quality adhered and that wouldn't be a question, but not a lot of them do so.

My favorite possession mainly comes from porcelain and painting. I love collection of objects and that is also part of the inspiration for my design.

"My ideal way of a living lifestyle is being happy and staying healthy. Finding a balance of work and free time. Simplicity is luxury." ~ Peter Copping.
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