ARTE @ Mother’s Day Regio Collection

Since the 18th century, ARTE has been using precious stones married with meticulous craftsmanship to create classic and opulent jewellery designs, which were designed for the Royal family of Spain. Consequently, the exquisite ARTE designs became an admirable collection by the Spanish Monarch. Up till today, ARTE continues its legacy of exceptional craftsmanship, but with the use of synthetic stones to create the Regio series which evoke designs for the Spanish royal family during ancient times. 
Regio in Spanish is interpreted as royal family and aristocrats. The collection features two sub-collections “Royal” and “Gentle”. “Poignancy” and “Tenderness” is felt in these collections. They have been created to protude the wearer’s opulence, hence, making them suitable for mothers of diverse qualities. It also represents respect to one’s mother and the fact that there is not substitute for the woman who brought us into this world. Each and every piece of jewel from ARTE depicts love and care for our mothers. 
The Royal Collection is embellished with stones of rich colours to create sharp contrast and visual pleasure. It also parallels the magnificence of nobility, and further implies our mother shall always be the queen in our hearts. The Royal Green unleashes a 3.2 carat emerald colour and oval shaped stone which dominates the jewel. It is hallmarked with 42 tiny fragments of white stones, hence, bringing its splendour to full glory. The Royal Red, on the other hand, is crowned with a 3 carat tear shaped stone and glistened with 54 tiny white stones.
The Gentle Collection boasts tender pink colour net cut stones for an amplified three-dimensional feel and elevated scintillating effect. The light colour stones are used to mimic a mother’s affection. Whether it is the Gentle Canary with a 2.4 carat pale yellow colour net cut stone, the Gentle Champagne with a 1.7 carat champagne colour tear shape net cut stone, or even the Gentle Lavender with a 3.3 carat lavender colour cushion shape net cut stone, they all share a distinct feature, that is, they are all complemented with tiny fragments of white stones and sway freely with its pendant design. This collection boasts subtle opulence, making it a discerning jewel for mothers of unsullied and graceful temperament.

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