BRUNEBLONDE @ New Luxury Hair Styling Opens at The Grand Hyatt Hotel

BRUNEBLONDE, the new luxury hair styling opens at the Grand Hyatt hotel, Hong Kong recently. The Parisian infused salon named ‘BRUNEBLONDE’ is an homage to an engaging 2010 exhibition held at the Cinematique in Paris by the same name, exploring the myths and influences of female hairstyles as portrayed through the cinema and other art forms across different eras. The name is, to Co-Founders Roland Boutin and David Gouygou, a representation of both their deep understanding and experience in serving a cosmopolitan clientele.                                     
Upon entering, crafted timber wall paneling in anthracite and white loosely defines the room’s boundaries and are integrated with deep-set and internally lighted voids for the display of the salon’s own custom-formulated hair and skin products. The lighting of the salon has been carefully designed to achieve the perfect colour rendition and shadowless illumination, whilst generating a pleasant, relaxing customer experience.
BRUNEBLONDE features two distinct areas, a women’s styling area and men’s styling area, the former being characterized in a simple elegant ambience, with white leather styling chairs on natural grey limestone floors with a sculpted polished copper wall and flowing, line-drawing-style wall mural created by Italian Artist Vittorio Locatelli as the key features. The men’s area is arranged to recall the glory of the classic barber shop, modernized to suggest a more sophisticated take on the traditional haircut experience.       
 Having independently decided to move to Asia in the 90’s, it was in Hong Kong where the pair first met. Speaking about their joint vision, Boutin says, “We love what we do and we are passionate about exploring new things from styles to products to ensure that we are bringing the very best to our clientele who come from all over the world, are of different nationalities and from all walks of life.” The two renowned hairstylists began their career at a young age in Provence, south of France. They honed their craft in some of the most famous and glamorous Parisian salons that represented the heart of the fashion world. After years of precise technical training and crafting styles for some of the world’s most prestigious trendsetters and renowned celebrities, they achieved international recognition for their innovative and distinctive approach to hair styling. 
 In keeping in line with the world-class salon’s standard of quality and service, BRUNEBLONDE offers an array of hair and skin care products especially created by Boutin and Gouygou themselves as an extension to the services that their esteemed clientele would expect at the salon. Gouygou explains, “Hair is like a seductive headdress that should continue to work its charms long after one’s visit. And thus our philosophy is simple and practical: the cut, the colour, should be effortlessly elegant enabling our clients to recreate and maintain their style even when we are not with them.”

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