OneRepublic @ Native

<Native> marks the third full-length album for this five men pop rock band OneRepublic's third full-length led by singer-songwriter/producer, Ryan Tedder. This album is no doubt a mainstream pop/rock music bearing all the hallmarks of acceptable background listening. Ryan Tedder came back to the rest of his teammates to record this album after writing and producing for other artists. There are a lot of effort and heart & soul in it produced most likable songs but some may think it is a little too eager to please and yet having similarities to Florence + The Machine. From the apparent introspective lyrics to the elaborate instrumental layers and arrangements. 
This time, you can tell the band wanted to go large this time as they are much more bigger band sounds with electronic music and give a much thoughtful lane influenced by their experience over the past years. And yes, they have grown and begins to manage and stick to their own music foundation. A few tracks incorporated gospel-style vocals influence for the members of the band are Christian. The craftsmanship is painstaking and with layer upon layer of glossy and reverberant instruments with uplifting means. The album makes a good company for road trip to the country on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon. 

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