It is deep, confuse and with a lot of complication but yet we still have our hats off for Danny Boyle for making this movie works. From dreams to hypnotize and finding the way out from the past,  the story develop with more complexity, layers after layers of truth and lies and eventually reviewing who and what you are really after, Boyle's arduous yet intelligent way of tell story is rather wise and the final twist was compelling. As stylish as ever, the story is a mesmerizing enigma and draws us in even a through the murk. Great cast with plots that's a muddle riddle wrapped in an enigma, with lesser talent, other director might have ended up with a fat-fetched muddle. <Trance> is every bit as hypnotic as its name suggests, Boyle's way of telling a love story with betrayal, jealousy, secrets, revelations with his longtime partner Joe Ahearn and John Hodge since <trainspotting> and <Shallow Grave> forming a bigger riddle to his audiences on a unpredicted journey. It is intriguing, surreal, violent, clever and makes a beguilingly brilliant cinematic puzzle on a twisty ride.

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