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Austrian food may be a stranger to many as their food comprises various different cultural influences and culinary styles throughout the former Austro - Hungarian Empire and now it become one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. Andreas Tucek, the current Guest Chef for JW Marriot Hong Kong brought with him the traditional Viennese cooking during his re-visit to Hong Kong. Tucek told mylifestylenews his culinary journey by introducing his Viennese' s best over one sunny afternoon......
Austrian food is basically a heavy meal, a traditional Austrian food consists of sausages, smoke ham, beef soup, liver dumpling, sauerkraut, crispy onion, meat strudel and lots more.

For this Austrian Fair with JW Marriott Hong Kong, I will be preparing some authentic dishes to add on the lunch and supper buffets as well as a selection of Austrian wines to complement the enticing meal.

In this Austrian Buffet, you will find dishes like <Lachsforellen Mariniert> marinated dill salmon with mustard dressing, <Spätzle> Viennese butter dumpling,  <Wienerschnitzel> deep-fried breaded veal Viennese style, <Steirischer Krautstrudel> Styrian Cabbage strudel as well as dishes from the live cooking station like <Schweinsbraten> traditional roast pork and <Gekochtes Rindfleisch mit Röstkartoffeln> Viennese boiled beef with side dishes . Not forgetting the classic desserts <Apfel Strudel> warm apple strudel with vanilla custard sauce  and <Sachertorte> Austrian chocolate cake .

A selection of Austrian wines are also introduced to accompany the dishes. From the White wines, we have <Bankett Grüner Veltliner Lanwein 2010> from Weingut Bründlmayer Winery, <Kamptaler Terrassen Grüner Veltliner, Pradikatswein 2010> from Weingut Brundlmayer and Kamptal red wine from <Dechant Blauburgunder 2007>.

I am a teacher by profession at the renowned College for Tourismusschule Wassermanngasse (Tourism Managementin Vienna for 15 years now and I have been working in various countries like Turkey, Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Kuala Lumpur  and even on cruise line.

Little that you know, I started my work with Plachutta Restaurant in Vienna ( A renown restaurant in Vienna famous for their many traditional Austrian cooking) and I am still having a good relationship with them after so many years.

Styria Pork Fat Canape with Bell pepper & onion and Cheese Dumpling with Plum Sauce
 Marinated dill Salmon with honey mustard dressing and Beef Goulash

Prior to becoming a teacher, I have been a chef for 19 years inclusive working as an Executive Sous Chef at the Radisson SAS Palais Hotel and Executive Chef at the Renaissance Hotel and I also did the pre-opening of this JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong. 

I was a Chef since 1978 and I like to be in the creative team of work and enjoy the different culture of cooking and culinary skills.

I enjoy travelling to exotic places like Ethiopia, Uganda, Cambodia and Costa Rica. My personal motto is to experience the culinary culture of different countries and immerse them into my teachings and to share these exciting experiences with my students.

I do cook at home with some simple meals and I like to pick up Asian ingredients like lemongrass or ginger and blend it in with the Austrian way of cooking to make my very own comfort meal.

My comfort food are like dumplings, Wienerschnitzel, potato salad. That's truly Austrian savories.

I am not the ambitious type of Chef that I like to be in the fame, I am happy for what I am doing now and I will continue sharing my culinary skills that I picked up from around the globe with my students. Cooking shall be fun but not pressure.

Tafelsplitz with Chive Sauce and Apple Horseradish

I don't wish to become a celebrity chef or any sort and you may not know how much pressure these chefs are going through and how much they have to do to maintain that high quality of standard that are expected by their followers or food connoisseurs.

I used to run a free standing restaurant before and overall I still prefer culinary teaching.

There are still many others food that I would like to try cooking especially like Japanese style of cooking with a hint of molecular cooking included would be fun ad interesting. Besides, Thai food is also one of my favorites that I always like to recommend to many others including my students.

I enjoy very much a traditional way of cooking, those grandma's recipes is one of the most inspirational ones.

I like Paul Bocuse's cooking, you can say he one of my mentors. Those traditional home cooking and recipes that he created are very inspirational and of course the Plachutta recipes.

Fresh pepper are the main ingredient that I like to use in my kitchen. Besides, fresh herbs like thymes, lemongrass, basil and rosemary are essential.

mylifestylenews @ Andreas Tucek

The Lounge at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong 
Lunch buffet Monday to Friday, 12pm to 2:30pm HK$205 Per Adult 
Supper buffet Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8pm to 11pm HK$380 Per Adult/HK$270 Per Child
Promotion ends 9th June 2013
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