Must-C de Cartier

Cartier established a new style of leather goods where the jeweller championed the burgundy colour and smooth leather stamped with its double C charm - the rest is history!  The burgundy bags are now part of the luxury brand’s legendary history playing on their formidable good looks, which they owe in part to their pioneering status. In 1970, Cartier made burgundy the official colour of its leather goods. The bags were stamped with logos and enhanced with golden yellow corners with fastenings in the shape of a C. Bold symbols for the accessories line named Must, which made the duffel bag and the hunting bag two of this century’s best sellers. The leather has become more matt. The logo has been reworked, lined with velvet and elongated into an elliptical shape. The golden yellow finish corners have disappeared. Thus stripped of its seventies styling, the timeless burgundy coloured leather is returning to the Maison’s accessories scene.

But the purity of design has not been interfered with, using smooth leather, saddle topstitching... the collection nurtures its impeccable appearance and the expertise of the leather goods craftspeople. Taking inspiration from the burgundy Must bags for men, Cartier has reinterpreted three of its cult bags as part of the Must-C collection, including the famous hunting bag and the tote bag. Saddle bag, bucket bag, tote bag... Cartier has remained loyal to the androgynous spirit of its origins and even when shapes have become more radical, its bags are still as practical as ever. Somewhere between professional and equestrian, an aesthetic emerges: contemporary, multigenerational and clearly identifiable, the Must-C bags are perfect examples of elegance and sobriety.

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