Singapore’s IDS Skincare Launches In Hong Kong

Innovative Dermatological Solutions (IDS) Skincare, a prestigious skincare brand from Singapore, introduced in 2014, has been relentless in their pursuit for the most advanced and creative technology to create products that address the concerns common among all skin types and all ethnicities. IDS believes that it is almost every woman’s secret dream to feel confident and radiant enough to leave the house with no make-up. This belief has led them to produce products which results in a luscious complexion that exudes a radiant, natural glow. Patented Skincare Technology, Creating Perfect Skin through Optimal Absorption Through dermatological research, innovative technologies and clinical expertise combined with deep consumer understanding, IDS delivers a truly efficacious product range like never before. IDS’s therapeutic products are formulated with proprietary enHAnce™ delivery system which ensures effective absorption of active ingredients, giving maximum efficacy. This breakthrough transcutaneous delivery system allows active ingredients to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to exert its beneficial therapeutic action. This enHAnce™ delivery system has been developed from a rigorous and exhaustive clinical testing to give real and impactful results.

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