HUBLOT 2016 Christmas Pick

Hublot graces the holiday season with colours, Christmas lights, colourful decorations, party dresses and waves of laughter. Spirit of Big Bang VitrailSpirit of Big Bang Vitrail features the series’ iconic tonneau case. The timepiece is not only a delight to the eye but also a pleasure to wear. Made of ceramics, the watch adapts quickly to the wearer’s body temperature and will never give the wearer cold feet. The skeleton dial is delicately divided into 20 frames with gorgeous and colourful Vitrail embedded on each frame. Resembling the Vitrail found in cathedrals, the Christmas theme on this watch tells its own tale. Once again, Hublot has brought the “Art of Fusion” into full play by incorporating the millennium-old Vitrail technique into modern watchmaking. The coloured glasses are secured on the dial with several O-shaped screws to make sure thermal expansion will not jeopardise the structure and the design. Made in Switzerland, the extra-strong red glasses are made to filter different spectrum of lights to create a crystal clear effect. Measured in millimetres and precisely cut with laser, these glasses are stable, durable and always colourful. Spirit of Big Bang Vitrail is matched with black rubber and red and black alligator straps to further accentuate the holiday atmosphere.

Bold, playful, flashy, trendy, happy…Big Bang Pop Art Yellow Gold Apple Jewellery fuses Pop Art right into the iconic design of Big Bang series. With 198 green tsavorites set on the 41mm 18K gold case, 220 blue sapphires set on the dial and two shocking pink subdial, the contrast and boldness on this timepiece perfectly exemplifies the essence of Pop Art. Matched with apple rubber and mixed coloured alligator straps, the watch reveals the unique fashion sense of the wearer.

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