Breitling Celebrates The Grand Opening Of Two New Boutiques In Macau

Breitling has played an important role in the development of chronographs and aviation timepieces and has been known as a devoted partner of the aviation industry. Breitling has expanded its boutiques network by opening two boutiques at Shoppes at Venetian and Shoppes at Parisian Macau respectively.

The boutiques at Shoppes at Venetian and Shoppes at Parisian display a large selection of models in the entire Breitling and Breitling for Bentley collections notably including chronographs equipped with Manufacture Breitling movements, along with special limited “Boutique Editions.”

Each boutique also includes a VIP lounge, offering customers with an exclusive and personalised shopping experience. Designed in a modern and original style highlighting the brand’s aeronautical heritage, the two Macau boutiques enable visitors to plunge directly into the Breitling universe, a unique experience that excites the senses.

Sight, with highly contemporary décor combining sober wood, metal and the famous Breitling yellow together with the vivid colors of New York pop art painter Kevin Kelly. Touch, with comfortable seats on which the client can ask to see the models of his choice, presented on wing-shaped tables. Hearing, thanks to the sound of Radio Breitling playing an exclusive selection of chill music. And smell, with a subtle “ambiance” perfume created especially for the brand.

During the event, latest model in the Breitling collection as well as newly launched VR experience were presented by Breitling. Exclusively available in the Breitling boutiques, a virtual reality headset allows the users to experience a flight aboard the Breitling Jet Team Albatros L-39C.

The flight is taking place above San Francisco as if they were in the pilot’s seat. A truly exciting experience for all visitors and customers stopping at the boutique. As a specialist of technical watches, Breitling has played a crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph and is a leader in this complication.

The firm has shared all the finest moments in the conquest of the skies thanks to its sturdy, reliable and high-performance instruments. One of the world’s only major watch brands to equip all its models with chronometer-certified movements, the ultimate token of precision, Breitling is also one of the rare companies to produce its own mechanical chronograph movements, entirely developed and manufactured in its own workshops. This family business is also one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands.

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