Moncler Grenoble AW2016/17 Men & Women Collection

 Moncler Grenoble AW2016/17 Men and Women collection was presented in New York with a thrilling and many faceted choreographic performance which intertwines dance with active sport in the vast central plaza of Lincoln Center.

Once again, the choice of this American city and such a symbolic location is due to a vision which combines a precise concept of outstanding technicality and the sporting roots of Moncler, with settings in powerful and emblematic locations, like energy hubs or tireless hothouses of culture and metropolitan moods.

The presentation, dedicated to movement and team spirit, is based around a collective sport action like the choreographies that often open American college sporting events.

With a unanimous and geometric rhythmic pace, a group of eighty athletes, 40 guys and 40 girls, descend onto the field with a synchronised movement and a flawless harmony which results from exhaustive practice and perseverance.

It is a result which can only be achieved with profound dedication and a common goal shared by all those involved, down to the tiniest detail.

It is almost a declaration of intent, a medium message which also sets out to showcase the novelties for the coming winter season which have reinterpreted the Moncler Grenoble collection, the imprinting of which is traditionally technical and ski-oriented.

The purely sporting vocation of Moncler Grenoble, as its name itself suggests, is inspired by the origins of the brand in the homonymous capital of the Isère region. With effect from the next season, it will evolve into three different segments:

<High Performance>
Skiwear garments constructed with pure mountain technicality with clear-cut roots in the world of skiing, making them suitable even for skiing on the most challenging summits.

Performance is the keyword around which Moncler Grenoble constructs top-of-the-range skiwear where the research always revolves around practicality. Each garment is designed to withstand the very harshest weather conditions. An internal label outlines the high performance standard.

<Performance & Style>
A more accentuated and versatile combination of technical vocation and modulated style. A masculine and feminine collection in which technical features merge and juxtapose themselves with style, moulding them as they go.

Garments of clear-cut heritage inspiration, in keeping with the spirit of Moncler Grenoble, are at the same time state-of-the-art.

<Aprés Ski>
A proposal with a distinctly formal elegance which teams mountain and city, harmonising both in the process. Garments for wearing in the harshest climates and in situations that go beyond sport, ideal for leisure on the ski slopes as well as urban environments. Considerable innovations have been introduced.

There has been a distinct move towards greater lightness, which is viewed as a byword for true luxury. Slimmer silhouettes sculpt and outline the body. Lighter down does not mean foregoing the same level of insulation, thanks to further research which has made this transformation, powered by skiing and mountaineering, possible.

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