MOMOJEIN Introduces First Korean Inspired Weekend Brunch

MOMOJEIN has been greeted with sizzling response with their modern Korean cuisine since its opening and now even with more reasons to indulge yourself over the weekend while dining here. MOMOJEIN is now introducing their very fist semi buffet Korean weekend brunch with 5 all-you-can-eat exquisite hot and cold Korean plates, together with a main course of your choice from 6 options and a Korean dessert platter to finish your meal. All dishes are brought to you by the edgy celebrity Chef Lim Hee Won and his team from Korea presenting the authentic Korean taste with refined Korean cooking techniques and their modern culinary innovation.

Executive Chef Lim, a veteran in the kitchen with over 10 years of experience, occupies himself with the study of Korean and Italian cuisines. He has taken helm at a number of restaurants in Korea and has been the instructor of various institutions. He was crowned one of the top 8 star chefs on CJ television channel’s cooking programme “Olive Show”, thanks to his professional background and down-to-earth image.

Chef Lim’s frequent exposure on the Korean television shows has helped him capture the hearts of Korean girls and cooking moms. From small screen to Executive Chef at MOMOJEIN in Hong Kong, Chef Lim shares his aspiration with excitement by dedicating to Hong Kong foodies a recreated traditional Korean fare with revolutionized styles and cooking techniques.

Some of must-try items among the 25 all-you-can-eat plates include cold dishes like Asparagus & Dried Anchovy, Fried Eggplant & Chorizo Doenjang, Korean Steamed Egg, Brocolo with Pollock Roe & Black Garlic Aioli, Octopus & Chicken Jellied Broth, Homemade Cabbage Kimchi and Cucumber Kimchi. The skewered items are another gem of the brunch, such as the chewy Octopus Skewers and the chunky Tteok Skewers ( Grilled Korean Rice Cakes) bursting with alluring colours.

Asparagus & Dried Anchovy

Fried Eggplant & Chorizo Doenjang

Broccoli with Pollock Roe & Black Garlic Aioli

Korean Steamed Egg

Homemade Cabbage Kimchi and Cucumber Kimchi

The addition  on the all-you-can-eat menu is the chunky yet meaty 'Salmon Sashimi". Chef Lim has created a special dip in all Korean flavours made of mushroom and preserved vegetables to accentuate the natural aroma of fresh salmon. Other delicacies to look out for includes Apple Wood Smoked Salmon and Flying Fish Roe Shot with abalone as they testify to the gastronomic commitment and innovation of Chef Lim and his team.

Freshly home made Gimbap

Hot plates items from the semis from the semi-buffet includes Mini-Beef Burgers with homemade sauce, Chicken Wings, Kimchi pancakes, Flowered Chive Pancakes, Japchae (Korean Stir Fried Noodles and Veggies), Beef and Radish Soup, Clams in Rice Soup Bowl,  all on all--you-can-eat availability.

Beef & Radish Soup

As for the main course, you have an option of the following 6 specially crafted Korean inspired heartfelt dishes:

<Abalone Stone Pot Rice>
Abalone with rice in sizzling stone pot is a traditional Korean dur dish. This bibimbap is best first to enjoy the rice by quickly emptying the sizzling stone pot, then refill the stone pot with hot water and cover it with a lid. Within 5 minutes, the remaining heat from from stone pot will turn the slightly charred rice crust at the bottom and hot water into aromatic rice porridge.

<Grilled Bulgogi>
The crunchy beef neck is seasoned with a sauce from MOMOJEIN’s secret recipe and sprinkled with burdock and garlic slices just before going for char grill. The result is juicy without being overly greasy.

<Grilled Kalbi>
For a HKD$50 add on, this well seasoned barbecue sauce from Chef Lim's secret recipe grilled Ameica premium graded ribs is simply sensational. The coriander side salad bring together an unexpected aromatic twist to the taste buds.

<Slow-cook Pork Belly>
Pork Belly is braised for an hour with spring onion, Doenjang (Korean bean paste), sake and coffee powder before serving with a sauce made up of hot bean paste, tofu, sesame, garlic and honey as well as preserved onion, radish, garlic leaves, coriander roots, sesame leaves, white kimchi and plum as sides.

<Grilled Butterfish>
The heads and tails of the butterfish are cooked with radish, soy sauce, ginger, spring onion and chili powder, served with Job's tears, radish slices and dried radish tops and sides.

<Lamb chop>
Another add on dish with HKD$80. Seasoned with Doenjang (Korean bean paste), yogurt and herb, this Australian lamb chop is then coated with rice syrup before roasting with Korean imported charcoal. Roast lamp chop is served with shiitake mushrooms and coriander root as side dishes.

<Korean Dessert Platter>
This Korean dessert ensemble consists of red bean cake, sugarcoated sweet potato cubes, homemade sesame crisps, fresh made marshmallows, ice cream in sesame syrup, Korean stomach-easing tea and seasonal fruits showcases various traditional flavours of Korean desserts.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Beef & Radish Soup
Slow-cook Pork Belly

23/F,QRE Plaza,
202 Queens's Road East,
Wan Chai Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2789 1949

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