KENZO Creates The Jungle Book 2016 Capsule Collection

KENZO creates The Jungle Book 2016 Capsule Collection to celebrate the worldwide release of Walt Disney picture's <The Jungle Book> with a limited edition of men's and women's ready-to-wear pieces.

For this collaboration with Disney, one of KENZO's most renowned emblems has been cheekily usurped on a line of sweaters and tee-shorts by none other than the fearsome tiger, Shere Khan. Roaring his way onto the jersey pieces, the appearance of Shere Khan on Kenzo's traditional tiger sweater symbolizes the indisputable partnership that made the collaboration so obvious for Disney and Kenzo from the get go.

Kenzo creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon delved deep into the Disney archieves to source some of the original drawings from teh classic animated movies, <The Jungle Book>.

Once they discovered these fantastically joyful sketches, the prints swiftly followed and Mowgli, Bagheera The Panther, King Louie The OrangUtan, Hathi The Elephant, Baloo The Bear and Akela The Wolf suddenly came back to life in two abundant and richly colorful jungle scenarios.

The prints is featured on a women's collection of silk and cotton summer shorts, dresses, jackets and tops and on the men's collection which features light jackets, trousers, shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

"What's most appealing for this project was to to marry strong Jungle Book elements with details that is as quintessential Kenzo. There's a way that everything comes together that is slightly familiar but also really fresh and exciting.

The silhouettes we chose for the garments and accessories were inspired by the new direction Disney has taken with the live-action movie. Everything has been executed in a away that feels elevated and modern which has been the collective goal of Disney and Kenzo from this very beginning of this collaboration." Said the designers.

The collection is rounded off with knitwear featuring KAA The Python and an intarsia Shere Khan pullover.

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