CARTIER à l’infini Watch @ From The Minuscule To The Infinite

Despite an initial impression of great simplicity, the lines are taut and the design is radical even in its curves. This watch links black to white, with diamond settings and black lacquer motifs. Judging by the delicacy of the details, it is apparent that the design and creation of this watch are the result of a process of rare complexity. The expertise is focused and enhanced. The overall effect is one of balance and great sobriety. The dial contains a sapphire crystal slightly bevelled on the sides, and is incorporated into the bracelet with a precision to the nearest millimetre. At the centre of the case, the calibre 101 once again proves its efficiency and carries on its success as the smallest manually-wound mechanical movement in the world. Small but with a strong presence, symmetrical yet twisted, the Cartier à l’infini watch produces a rhythmic and seductive energy through a distinctive aesthetic and watchmaking characteristics, beating with a powerful pulse at the heart of an infinitely small watchmaking mechanism. Cartier à l’infini watch white gold, diamond, black lacquer. Mechanical movement with manual winding, calibre 101.

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