CARTIER @ The Panthère Mystérieuse Pendant Watch

The fascination of a dial without matter. The enigmatic presence of a feline at rest. This unique piece Panthère Mystérieuse pendant watch puts two strong symbols of the Cartier creative universe into play: the panther and the mystery movement. At the centre of a slightly concave agate medallion, a mysterious dial displays two tiny hands that float without any attachment to the mechanism. The agate, a dark stone with subtle hues, was sculpted from a bloc of raw matter. While being cut, a halo of white light lit up with brilliance was uncovered within the stone: the beginnings of crystallisation.

This secret was enhanced through the intuition and skilled sculpting work of the master gem-cutter, who sensed, sought out and brought to life the unique personality of the gem. A panther resides amid the rounded arc of the dial, bordered by an alternating sequence of diamonds and cylinders of obsidian. The elegant silhouette and the alternately sharp or gentle curves of its slender frame are delineated by a multitude of diamonds. Emphasising the depth and volume of the animal’s form, the gem-setting produces an effect so lifelike that the feline appears ready to turn and fix its emerald gaze upon us at any moment. Whether motionless or preparing to pounce, the panther seems unaffected by the passing hours and the weightless progression of the watch hands within the transparent surface of the dial. 

A constant interplay of tension and balance unfolds between the enigmatic impact of this complication and the virtuosity of its performance. A powerful work that resounds to the semi-animal attraction of the motif and the interplay of colours, with the clear contrasts between the onyx and the diamonds, and the sophistication of the agate and obsidian. Panthère Mystérieuse pendant watch White gold, agate, diamond, onyx, obsidian, emerald eye. Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding, calibre 9981 MC, with mystery hour and minute display.

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