VIvienne Westwood Red Label FW2015 Collection

Vivienne Westwood Red Label FW2015 Collection offers a sexy and elegant look with a strong Westwood signature. The emphasis is on easy cocktail and special occasion wear, glamorous evening dresses and classic English tailoring.

This collection centres on a woman who lives in a big world. Educated, intelligent and with good manners, courageous and exploring. She, also has a strong sense of personal identity that expresses through her choices of outfits, is a seductive woman. She, travelling around the world, likes studying culture and history. At the same time, she always seeks new things that inspire herself and the others.

The latest collection is inspired by the woman’s travel in Tibet and Afghanistan. Her visits to temples and mosques, studies of the interiors and the traditional dress of the local people become the design elements.

Oriental colours and patterns are introduced in the designs including the layers of woven fabrics, natural and earthy tones, and opulent patterns. It is worth to mention the use of tiger patterns that symbolizes power and protection which has a long history in Tibetan Buddhism.

Meanwhile, traditional fairisle knitting methods which originate from Fair Isle off  the North of Scotland and tartan can also be found in the collection that signify British traditions. 

"The girl who wears Red Label – I want to tell you about her, she’s a bit like me. She was lucky enough to be born in the country and she moved with her family to London when she was 17. She knows the names of all the trees and she’s always been a reader. Since she’s been in London she’s gone to the museums all the time.

She’s an art lover and she really thinks culture is very, very important. If we had true culture we would not be in the situation we’re in. Culture has been replaced by consumption- which is quite a different thing.

At the moment we are controlled by 1% of the world population who are in power. They preach consumption, and they preach war, and they’re taking us into disaster. We are in incredible danger.

There is no point in voting for the others. She is going to vote Green." Said Vivienne Westwood.

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