PRADA FW2015 Women Collection

PRADA Women FW2015 collection is a set of different variations on the theme of beauty. Clichés on femininity are investigated, in a contrast between ‘false’ and ‘real’. The silhouette presents round shapes, some balloon-shaped, a high waist and in general pieces that follow the body’s lines, making it almost unreal. This is the case of the many trousers, almost ‘leggings’ and of the long gloves, which emphasize the arms, outlining them with touches of colour.

The collection is characterized by a very ‘flat’ palette, accentuated by the choice of materials such as a particular type of jersey and ciré which contrast with the concreteness of more traditional fabrics such as the tweed of dresses and suits and the wool of the knitwear.

In some cases, the materials are printed or embroidered with the image of molecules which recall a process of ‘genetic mutation’, exalting the search for absolute beauty. An example is the manufacturing process of ostrich skin which, besides being proposed in the show in its natural finishing, has been 'mutated' in a way that has accentuated the characteristics of the material on clothes and accessories.

The venue of the show and the collection have in common a ‘soft pop’ appearance, strongly contrasting with the serious and strict men’s work that had characterized the women’s looks in the Prada Men’s FW2015 collection.

The new ‘INSIDE BAG’, a ‘double’ bag, one inside the other, is presented during the show. The other two models of bags, available in different sizes, are presented either in monochrome version with corners in contrast, or with the 'molecule' print version.

 The footwear can be divided into two types: a first model continues the stylistic path of the particular rubber sole presented at the men’s show, here in more feminine colours, the second, very elegant, is characterized by a medium heel.

Each look is completed by numerous pieces of jewellery, some more ‘classic’ and others openly false, even worn on the hair, for an ironic interpretation of adornment. Gloves are also a recurring accessory, whether long and extremely feminine or short, more masculine in shape.

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