Esprit Timewear @ Glamorous Drops Collection & Essentials Collection

Esprit Timewear presents Glamorous Drops Collection and Essentials Collection paying homage to nature. Inspired by mother nature as it did in last spring and summer, including water and sparkling stones and unveils Glamorous Drops which enshrine ladies’ gentleness and elegance with their smooth curves and shimmering material, and the Essentials Collection that highlight feminine intellectual beauty through its concise and pure design. Less is more! The subtle yet resplendent design of the Essentials Collection is presentable in myriads of occasions for all ladies. The contrast of a broad round case and slim leather strap makes the piece significantly eye-catching. The amalgamation of a simple dial with a gold or silver case enhances the magnificent glamour of a fair lady, making it a superb daily fashion item. The Essentials Collection are available in three colours including light brown, grey and brown.

This Glamorous Drops features a sweeping contour embodying both mobility of water and tenderness of female. Paired with a crystal stones-studded bezel, the top layer of the two-layered dial with little droplet-shaped appliqués evokes memories of cool autumn rain refracting a slice of rainbow, adding a touch of romance to this chilly season. Available in a humble silver tone, striking yellow gold plating and elegant rose gold plating. 

Another series in the Collection, <TP10859> radiates feminine flair through a tasteful combination of an oval case and an elegant watch band featuring circle-shaped components. The small and exquisite hands on the delicate dial adds a sense of loveliness to the piece which best displays youth vitality. Available in a humble silver tone, striking yellow gold plating and elegant rose gold plating.