DVF FW2015 Collection

DVF FW2015 Collection is alluring and mysterious, her silhouette reveals itself, wrapped in ivory and peek-a-boo lace. With a hidden agenda, she slips into a painted canvas coat. Her Secret Agent bag takes center stage.

By day, she is structured and sleek. She seduces in pinstripe power dress tamed by soft chiffon. She commands with a mix of masculine and feminine, black and ivory engulfed in deep reds.

Color comes to play on confetti tweed, in an embellished wrap, and a mink sweatshirt that stands alone.

By night, she comes unzipped, like the enveloped clutch she carries.

Graceful and magnetic in a floral daze, she is the life of every party; a woman of the world in a polished coat turned femme fatale in a plunge v-neck gown.

Sexy and strong, she teases in a cut-out romper and smoking jacket.

In a lace gown, the back cut to there, or a blue tuxedo and timeless power shoe, she leaves the room to dramatic effect.

Operating incognito in an evening parka, she is a secret agent.

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