ba&sh FW2015 Collection

ba&sh FW2015 collection plays out the harmonies in white and gray. Royal Palace, two women are strolling with their laughter tilting the garden’s elegant symmetry: one in a heather gray coat, long and straight with large pockets; the other in a stylish black trench coat highlighted with a button placket, front and back. ba&sh embraces Winter with their statement straight cut coats with stylish cuttings in the warmest of fabrics.

Sitting al fresco in a smoking café on a chilly morning in Paris Saint Germain, dressed in a ba&sh Aztec printed sweatshirt or angora sweaters, while a wooly white jacket underlined with thin leather braids is draped on, like clouds whispering a breezy “warm me up".

Long languid dreamy Sundays in fluid bohemian print dresses or lounging the early evening away in the bar of a palace, in a black or white jumpsuit slender like a champagne flute, featuring staggering back and daring cuts. Fast forward to the end of the year - endless nights, dazzling women dancing and laughing at winter mischievously and with elegance: the very own ba&sh tuxedo dress accessorized with a gypsy belt, short leather dresses perforated with flower motifs that are light as scarves paired with sheer shirts, romantic with a hippie touch.

Such are scenes in Paris and exactly what the ba&sh’s FW2015 collection is all about. The collection also plays out the ‘70s steeped in couture by way of theatricals, melding the styles of Hollywood screen icons Kim Novak and Audrey Hepburn. Think structured cuts that merge into the most fluid materials, the cuttings mastered by sublime feminine details.

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