Inspired by the classic 1991 hit, <Point Break> is a high adrenaline action thriller that starred Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and a young Gary Busey, among others and directed by Kathryn Bigelow no less. We do recollect the original and this version takes the action well and truly up a notch with some hair-raising action scenes that leave you breathless. 24 years later, the remake by film director/Director of Photography Ericson Core is bigger and wilder.

The story centres on a young FBI agent that infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated heists. The group of daredevil friends break the law to fulfill a desire to pull off such stunts to steal money and gems, only to give them away to the poor and less fortunate. As Johnny experiences the rush of their lifestyle, his superiors fear that his loyalties are being tested. In order to catch them, you have to be one of them.

The movie is quite a team effort, with the FBI agent, Johnny Utah, played by a relatively unknown, Luke Bracey. The Australian actor certainly is a master of action stunts, as the film will attest and plays the inexperienced agent realistically. He  is ably supported by the Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez as Bodhi, the groups charismatic leader and he nails his role with a combination of glee and disdain for the law, leading a team of ‘bandits’ that all have the same desire to experience thrills while carrying out their objectives. Ramirez is devilishly good at drawing you into his world to the point that you forget he is a bandit. Ray Winstone plays the FBI agent Johhny Utah is paired up with to ensure Johhny doesn’t get into too much trouble, but of course, things don’t go according to plan! This role fits him perfectly.  As mentioned, the action is aplenty and the film locations are spectacular, resulting in some heart-stopping stunts that will leave you absolutely breathless. The camera work is flawless too, thus creating a much more visceral feeling, compared to the 1991 film, Core deserves a lot of credit from this thrill-criminal film which is one of the must see in 2015.

Rating :3.5/5

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