CLUB MONACO FW2015 Fashion Presentation

 Club Monaco FW2015 Collection draws inspiration from Iceland’s striking landscape and the texture and pattern of the land. This season’s palette is filtered through a Nordic lens, drawing from the contrast created by the black, volcanic countryside. “It was really about the earth and the landscape,” said Caroline Belhumeur, creative director and SVP of women’s design at Club Monaco.

Supple camel and moss green are paired with stark white, ivory and levels of heathered charcoal, while celadon and shades of lavender are pulled from the Icelandic ocean views. Tonal dressing is key, with pieces designed to be layered under luxe mohair sweaters and sumptuous leather coats.

For women’s designs the season’s silhouettes revitalize those of the 60’s and 80’splaying largely with proportion. “It’s all about subtle shifts of proportion,” notes Belhumeur, whose point of view is characterized by slimmer tops, shorter skirts, and slightly flared pant legs, designed with ankle boots in mind.

Oversized silhouettes become trimmer while maintaining longer lengths, culminating in an elegant interpretation of proportions. Clean, heavy crepes developed exclusively with Italian mills are juxtaposed with textured fabrics. Sweater dressing is a main focus, with turtlenecks layered beneath luxurious sweaters.

“For men’s designs, one of the key messages is that we continue to elevate” said Caroline Belhumeur. “We’re continuing to make pieces more elegant, playing with the idea of equal parts casual and refined.”

Workingwith mills in Italy to develop new, technology infused fabrics, men’s fall 2015 designs recreate familiar pieces that bring to mind worn-in favorites. Drawing on the sensations of comfort and familiarity, lush mohair has been introduced to the collection.Chunky knits are paired with slouched trousers and tailored blazers are styled beneath overcoats, finished with luxurious scarves to exemplify relaxed elegance.

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