AIGLE FW2015 Ad Campaign

AIGLE FW2015 ad campaign uses a sense of French humour to bring out the mantra “IT’S WILD OUT THERE”. The backdrop sets in a post-snowstorm Paris, where its surrounding is exceptionally at peace despite the freezing cold spell. An urban couple - be they wearing AIGLE’s B9 Air Force Pilot Jacket or two friends wearing the Velvet Touch GORE-TEX® down jacket - poses chillaxingly in the cold outside Musée du Louvre, as though they are explorers bracing the coldest North Pole weather courageously. The advert highlights the practicality of AIGLE’s design in beating cold weather, as much as its transformation into a brand for the young. The scene is by no means selected spontaneously, but cherry-picked to represent where youngsters in Paris and city dwellers appear in daily life. Every promotional photograph is attached with a GPS coordinate. You are welcome to follow the footpaths of the city nomads to engage in a soul-searching journey across cities.

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