TUSCAN FW2015 Urban Chic & Winter Folk Collection

TUSCAN FW2015 Urban Chic & Winter Folk Collection whether for the artistic flair of renaissance Florence, or the impressionist landscape of Apennine Peninsula, Italy has the magical power over stylish urbanites who find romance in every aspect of life in the boot-shape land. Inspired by the Florentine juxtaposition of renaissance classicism and metropolitan lifestyle, TUSCAN’S “Urban Chic” collection combines classic Romaticism and mystical spirituality to enrich the otherwise banal urban living. “Winter Folk” collection, on the other hand, unlocks the subtle play of reality and fantasy to give urbanites’ pursuit of freedom a new depth.

If Rome lays its solid foundation on rich sediment of history, then Florence inscribes its
colourful story on arts and literature, signed on each piece by illustrious maestros such as Dante, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The city of Florence finds conspicuous expressions on boldly coloured architecture, finely crafted by creative hands.

A stroll in the crisscrossing alleys in the Tuscan capital is a journey through the glorious past to the vibrant present, where the ancient and the modern converge. TUSCAN’S draws inspiration from the magnificent renaissance architecture of Florence for its 2015 “Urban Chic” collection. It is a symphony of genuine Italian romance and artistic references to the renaissance city where a strong statement of style is projected against urban banality. 

Each model is a perfect embodiment of elegance and workmanship, an untold story of creative freedom took place in the context of cultural tradition and genuine expertise. The ensemble makes a bold polyphony of seasonal colours.

Poetic shades like twilight blue and blush red are combined with saturated hues such as jade and burgundy through unmistakable leather intarsia and detailing. The result is a rich array of eclectic choices with elegant silhouette and structure. Unfurling in the sumptuous city of art, the “Urban Chic” collection lets loose the passion for unrestrained freedom and romantic love.

The collection draws together classic rucksack and trendy bucket bag, giving rise to a renewal of classics where form and function meet. Frontal pocket adds volume to the overall structure and brings extra storage convenience.

The novel drawstring opening looks perfect when worn as shoulder bag as well as crossbody. The seasonal colours of aquamarine and black shimmer to the rhythm of the bodily movement – a bold statement of urban chic to the fullest.

This individual style is enveloped in novel patterns and a classic splash that hits the soft spot of the fashion-savvy. This irresistibly cool shoulder bag opens up multiple styling opportunities for the free-spirited urbanites. Sportswear trend gives rise to this fashionable yet functional backpack. The streamlined but versatile design adds a stylish twist to the preppy bag that matches perfectly with formal as well as casual looks.

Take a well-earned respite from the hustle-bustle and be carried away by the fantastic fairyland of TUSCAN’S. The “Winter Folk” collection unlocks the doors to the poetic dreamland and invites our heroine to indulge in her lingering impression of her lover.

Tracing her own being through the course of time, our heroine is in a stage of primordial trance, where happiness in the purest form pervades. The dreamland is where the heart is.
In this land of fairy tale, everything is lined with happiness, colours, jaunty silhouettes and the purest passion. These dreamlike elements represent the indelible enchantment that speaks directly to the heart.

At TUSCAN’S, fashion-forward designers impart the creative daring in arts to realism, revisiting the renaissance splendour through masterful leather mosaic, colour blocking or fringes on handbags. Catchy designs are offset by soft textures and dewy colours. Violet, blush red, twilight blue and feather grey, vibrant colours are woven into this dreamland that leads us away from everyday hassles and back to our primordial passions.

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