BON JOVI @ What About Now

This is roughly around 30 years of staying power for the " jersey Boys" buy their last few albums have been more of hits-and-misses. When they did their rock ballads : <Blaze of Glory>, <Bed of Roses>, ,I'll be There For You>... they had massive, thundering drums and solos that went on for several months. These were the songs designed to catch more followers of the band and became classic. Unfortunately, there's none of that can be found (again) on this <What About Now> 12th album. There are less hard rock sound but more blends of an uninspiring pop sound. It is neither a Bruce Springsteen, Cold Play nor U2 that stuck in the mouth of a pop Garth Brooks. It is rather embarrassing as the members of the band are well marching into their 50's. The 80's glam rock hasn't died and always a good timing for making a come back with a more modern rock sound ballads but it was yet to be delivered in his new transformation. It's a shame as when the band stick to their blue-collar Jersey roots, things improve dramatically. This album does't showcase anything groundbreaking. After a listen, you would perhaps wish it had more memorable hooks and less of Bon Jovi's positivism.

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