MELISSA BUI SS201 Nerida's Garden Collection

 MELISSA BUI SS201 Nerida's Garden Collection is a journey into a magical underwater oasis inspired by Nerida’s Garden and her trip to the Maldives last year. “The ideas came to me when I was snorkelling in the Maldives, above beautifully textured corals, completely entranced by the serenity of the ocean and the sun’s iridescent effects on the water,” the designer explains. “The intricate embroidery pays tribute to the coral textures and organic shapes, via crushed sequins and French knots <Abelia dress, Sage vest, Singhara gown>, tiny sequined and beaded flora <Aralia dress, Escallonia gown, Posidonia gown>, and amazing appliqued embroidered lace shapes <Abelia dress, Geranium skirt, Sea Holly skirt>.”

Sophisticated yet whimsical, elegant yet modern, Melissa Bui shapes a magical, mythical journey into a beautiful, bright summer.  The collection’s fresh summer palette reflects an oceanic escapade in clear, cool water rooted in white and frolicking with pastel pink and cyan, plus a distinct chartreuse yellow. Once again, Bui’s vintage-styled, retro-chic silhouettes turn to her favourite decade: the 1950s. Aiming to create a dreamlike aesthetic, with an almost escapist yearning from today’s bustling world, she designed the collection for a “modern Audrey Hepburn” woman. Key looks from the chic, yet playfully feminine, collection includes:

<Primrose Dress>
A simple day dress with a detachable bow for a dressier look. It comes in white or pastel pink and two different fabrics embroidered-cotton, for day time and a silk/cotton blend perfect for a day-to-evening look.

<Abelia Dress>
 A simple Douppion-silk shift dress heavily embellished with intricate French knots and beads. A great summer evening occasion piece.

<Magnolia Top>
An off-the-shoulder cropped top with an asymmetrical bow design on the back. Pair with a flared midi-skirt for a more evening look, or high-waisted shorts for a cute weekend look.

<Rosebay Dress>
A Douppion-silk off-the-shoulder dress with scallop details that beautifully drapes across the arms. A feminine yet sophisticated look for an day-to-evening event.

<Gerabium Skirt>
A silk/cotton blend midi-skirt embellished with embroidered lace and sequins, structured from embroidered lace leftover bits and pieces.

<Posidonia Gown>
A silk-satin-faced organza gown, embroidered with 2mm iridescent floral sequins, with a detachable asymmetric bow. Perfect for the modern bride, this is their version of a contemporary wedding gown.

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