CARTIER @ The Mystery & Fascination of A Night Butterfly

 This superb object remains strangely undefinable, a creation that intrigues from the very first glance with its interplay of transparency and gem-settings. Is it a pendant, a watch, or a medallion? Here is a pendant designed by an expert hand, out of which the form of a butterfly appears amid outstretched lines and rhythmical curves. The wings are comprised of sapphires, with rows of diamonds making up the body. Judging by its colours, it would seem to be a night butterfly. At the centre of the totally transparent dial is a mysterious double tourbillon, the emblem of Cartier’s watchmaking expertise: suspended in the void. The chain of geometrical motifs set with diamonds earns the medallion a place in the Cartier tradition of transformable jewellery: its chain is adorned with a perfectly detachable 25.93-carat oval sapphire, an extraordinary jewel from Sri Lanka.

This watch is unlike any other, the object of passion created with flair, as the art of the jeweller and the watchmaker converge towards a common aim. An object of incredible complexity, it embodies a form of pure jewellery in which all mechanical features remain invisible. At Cartier, that which is concealed is as impressive as what is seen, and thus the fully decorated watch movement is visible on the rear face via a sapphire back. The dazzling result can be counted in hours, or rather in months: almost 2,050 hours of work, the equivalent of 17 months of intense collaboration. The magic of Cartier has once again left its mark, surpassing the boundaries of each field of expertise to imagine a new world in which a night butterfly can play with eternity. Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré pendant watch White gold, one 25.93-carat oval-shaped Ceylon sapphire, diamonds, sapphires, onyx. Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding, calibre 9463 MC, mysterious double tourbillon.

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