45R SS2016 Fashion Presentation

45R  SS2016  Blue Ocean, Red Mountain” denotes the unknown market space which is untainted with competition. Being unique and classic with an original 45R accent, for “Red Mountain”, it refers to the Japanese mountains illuminated by rays of setting sun, or the red soil in the western USA. Also, both phrases symbolize the signature themes of 45 R, “umi (sea)” and “yama (mountain)” respectively.

45R has always been staying true to the signature themes “umi” and “yama” and the main tricolor palettes: blue, white and red. When they try to look for new themes, they always come back to their roots and introduce new elements as a touch of freshness. This is the essence of 45R’s design philosophy.

45R values heritage, so it is always in search for traditional technique and apply among the collection. This season, traditional Indian technique has been adopted for the Ai Khadi Sun Wave Cutwork series as well as Indigo Floral Jacquard series.

Japanese craftsmen embroider every pattern and cutout one by one carefully in the Ai Khadi Sun Wave Cutwork series. This time-consuming process is originated from a traditional Indian cutwork technique. Meanwhile the khadi fabric is specially woven to give it a denim feel, in creation of this comfy chic series.

The retro indigo floral jacquard series comes with Indian ethnic vibe. Referenced the traditional Indian jacquard technique, the infusion of indigo dye alludes to 45R signature and root.

Other than traditional technique, 45R also works to advance its product range via modern technology. This season Gima offering comes as woven or knit, adorned with floral embroidery created by modern machinery to bring blooming flowers to your wardrobe. Signature Gima tweed with floral embroidery is being reintroduced this season.

Made from 100% cotton, the Gima tweed comes with linen texture yet retains comfortable touch of cotton.

The yarn is hand-dyed for natural color variation for more dimensional fabric. The symmetrical flowers are delicately embroidered on textured fabric, to bring the lively spring floral element to your outfit.

The Gima cotton is also being adopted for knitwear. The Gima knit is adorned with bright and colorful floral along the trim.

45R rarely features embroidery on knitwear, with at least 7 color threads have been used to create every floral pattern, these knitwear series are eye-catching and attractive pieces to have.

Featuring 7 spring floral prints with block printing techniques, yarns of sleek silk and soft khadi cotton are weaved together to create unique sheer fabrics for the seasonal Saijiki collection.

“Gugu Shirt” named after the unisex buttoned-up shirt inspired by vintage mens’ sleeping robe, is one of most significant product highlights from the spring summer collection. Long loose cut with an open collar, is a new classic item created with 45R originality.

Brushed effect, gathered stitching, lace cutwork, pinstripes, are selected and applied to this silhouette in creation of 5 different versions. Mainly made from linen and cotton, the Gugu shirt is available in 5 sizes to fit for both men and women.

This season, the linen offering is being elevated and infused new techniques with 45R originality. This linen knitwear collection is made of Mont Saint Michel Linen, luxurious linen material from Belgium. As wild flax fiber is used instead of chemically processed flax fiber, it maintains extra softness for the pieces. To celebrate season of blooming sakura, sweet sakura pink color is featured in this series.

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