ÉLÉVATIONE Time Stops Luxurious Skin Art

ÉLÉVATIONE - a leading international skin care brand from Israel, which was born under the belief that “beyond the underlying skin, confidence blooms”. This is not only a concept, but an expression for beauty, in which the brand is determined to make beauty into art, transforming every ÉLÉVATIONE women into an impeccable work of art.

As seen in master Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali's famous painting, “The Persistence of Memory”, the idea of time has been translated into a measure which can run in reverse, whereby people are not restricted by time at all. ÉLÉVATIONE has captured such essence in Dali's work and see it as their inspiration, where they have injected time with a new concept which rejects the traditional laws of aging. This empowers skin to defy the years, and to preserve a youthful appearance in any era. Like Dali's lifetime contribution to art, ÉLÉVATIONE has worked tirelessly to combine natural ingredients with new technology. Regardless of high cost and effort, they strive to develop the most excellent skin care formulations to help ladies retain their youth. This way, the skin remains at its prime time, even when time tries to intrude.

ÉLÉVATIONE deeply believes that nature is the source for beautiful skin, and excellent skin care formulations are essential in sculpting for perfection. This is why all of the skin care formulations created by the brand are based on hand made infusion of natural extracts, which includes herbs and plants. These mixed herbs and natural plant extracts are injected with water or olive oil under a three day process. As a result, the formulas are rich, and are unique compositions of natural minerals and vitamins. As the water based infusion has a light, refreshing, and hydrating quality; the olive oil based infusion supplies nutrition, and healthy glow restoring properties. Both of the exclusively researched and developed formulas are injected within products of different nature, in order to heighten the performance of each specific product.

Apart from thanking mother nature for providing them with the natural resources, they also place emphasis on the relentless pursuit of scientific research and technology. Their staff dedicates their time and effort in the research for better technology, endorsing the brand with a wide range of effective, patented ingredients. These ingredients are merged with different skin care series, finalizing them into noble, anti-aging formulas, which assists ladies to extend their youth and stop their skin from aging. ÉLÉVATIONE skin care products are perfect hybrids of new technology and rare natural ingredients. The brand has invested heavily in research and technology, developing two patented ingredients which are added into different product series, bringing upon a magical skincare effect that reverses skin age.

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