WOOBAR New Healthy Dishes Inspired By Local Artists

W Hong Kong unveils its latest innovation fashion project “ECO IS THE NEW BLACK” by presenting 4 healthy dishes inspired by the 2 designers’ styles from May onwards at WOOBAR and producing a series of W-inspired sustainable socks available to W in-house guests as well as shoppers at selective retail shops in December. Riding on W Hotels Worldwide’s “stylish sustainability” design direction, W Hong Kong brings this global mindset alive at the local scene by announcing a new partnership with Legends Lifestyle and 2 rising local artists to shake up the green factor in the hotel industry. To kick off this collaboration, the chefs at WOOBAR introduce 4 healthy dishes starting from May to echo with the 2 designers’ styles and the theme of green. A whole new WOOBAR menu including the designer dishes will then follow in June featuring international Yoga Rebel Tara Stiles’ delicious treats to carry on the buzz. W Hong Kong’s Culinary Director, Chef Alain Allaire, and his team will be offering gourmands a refreshing taste of its brand new healthy a la carte items that are created according to the 2 artists’ designing styles starting from May onwards at WOOBAR.

<Heirloom Tomato & Organic Strawberry Salad>
Mint, Shallot, Chili-lemon grass, topped with flower petals and shallot strings, is delicately placed to create a bright and soft visual, just like what is envisioned from Yolande’s pieces. With pinches of virgin olive oil, the intertwining flavors produce a lingering and delightful taste.

<Prosciutto San Daniele Mini Tartine>
Organic bread, Zucchini, Red bell pepper, asparagus and Fortina Cheese the dish delivers not only an uplifting sensation, but also Yolande’s signature dazzling mix of colors

<Whole Wheat Spaghetti>
By merging light vegetables like asparagus and organic mushroom with strong-flavored ingredients such as mint-pesto and parmesan cheese, the contrasting tastes in the Whole Wheat Spaghetti complement each other well, creating a wonderful textural balance. The long, thin and cylindrical pasta is a perfect representation of Hughie’s style in using clear cut lines.

<Grilled Shrimp with Garlic & Chili> Image on top
Avocado, Thai basil, Lemon zest, Crispy rice & Heirloom tomato sauce The chef especially dedicates this dish to Hughie as he finds the lively seafood creature matches with his upbeat and energetic style.

Hughie Doherty is a founding partner of Print House HK, which is a new DIY custom screen-printing concept. Doherty has recently been working with HKwalls to beautify the Stanley Market shutters. His style demonstrates a masculine feeling with bold colors, clear-cut lines and lively patterns such as dragons.

Yolande Parry is a surface print designer and currently a graphic illustrator and essentially draws/designs patterns and has worked alongside with brands such as Shanghai Tang, Vera Wang and more. Parry’s works feature a colorful palate, entwining patterns as well as a touch of femininity.

Yolande Parry and Hughie Doherty were chosen out of a pool of 100 local applicants to design a collection of ecofriendly socks inspired by W Hong Kong based on their artistic styles by W Hong Kong’s General Manager and Legends Lifestyle’s Director of APAC Operations. The 2 designers will then have 3 months to design the W-inspired graphics to be printed on the socks, in which all the production and purchasing costs will be borne by the partners. The socks will be given as Christmas gifts to W in-house guests in December and be sold exclusively in top retail boutique stores of Konzepp.

“As an avid supporter of all things new/next in the city, W Hong Kong made its mission to provide the right platform and channels to nurture up-and-coming talents. This partnership with Legends Lifestyle is a wonderful example.” said Peter Hildebrand, General Manager of W Hong Kong. “We are so happy to be working with these partners that share the same passion with us in working with talented individuals and giving back to their communities. The creativity and vitality from the 2 selected local designers are definitely something to look forward to.”

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