VILEBREQUIN @ A Beach With A View

Who hasn't dreamt of becominga chameleon on the beach? With the love for the beautiful coastlines. Vilebrequin and the artist Massimo Vitali bathing a form of art. It is an inevitable collaboration, Vitali has been passionately photographing beaches all over the world for the past 20 years and Vilebrequin has been dressing the chicest bathers since 1971. Together, they conceived an exceptional capsule collection where image, subject and object come together, thanks to a unique process of image manipulation and transformed the beach into an open-air gallery. 

Just like Vilebrequin, Vitali invented a style. From the Venice Biennial to Art Basel Maimi, his large-format, inescapable works transport you to beaches filled wit bathers, where the water is crystalline and the horizon stretches as far as the eye can see. Vitali's style is often imitated but never equaled. Very few have ever captured with such brilliance the beauty of coastline and its ephemeral inhavitants.

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