Jean Paul Gaultier “Le Male” & “Classique” Limited Editions

Jean Paul Gaultier “Le Male” & “Classique” Limited Editions is an intrepid couple and legendary perfumery couple sets out on an exciting treasure hunt, which will take them to the far reaches of the open seas. Determined to face any sort of danger, the pirates raise the black flag and set sail. “Classique” has slipped her irresistible curves into a sailor’s jersey-bustier with unstructured red stripes, in tatters after the latest duel. With a shroud skilfully knotted into her black skull belt, she is ready on deck with her pirate partner in crime. Dressed in his pirate clothing, “Le Male” stands proud in his black and white sailor’s jersey with slashed edges. A bright red skull is branded on his virile chest, with an evil eye shaped like a “G”, a sign of his devotion to the Gaultier fleet. Crimson red for “Classique”, navy blue for “Le Male”, and on this adventure the “metal can” boxes take the form of riveted chests with skulls on double sabres, their handles branded with the JPG insignia. “Le Male” and “Classique” stand proudly over their spoils. They have managed to seize the booty without even drawing their swords! All it took was for them to appear before the captain of the ship they had in their sights, and he surrendered. Who knows what the secret of their success could be? Is it Classique with her sensual floral bouquet and voluptuous vanilla and woody notes? Or could it be “Le Male” with his invigorating mint-infused lavender enhanced with vanilla-softened wood? Or perhaps both? Mum's the word. It's a secret among pirates. 

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