Komaneka at Bisma @ The Soul of Bali in The Heart of Ubud

Built on the hillside by the Campuhan River valley and in the centre of Ubud, a luxury resort with irresistible charm with intoxicating sounds of gamelan and serenity in the air, Komaneka at Bisma offers a timeless lifestyle and a tranquil romantic surrounding in tall shady garden amidst the bustling yet mythical Ubud. mylifestylenews checks-in to this hidden gem……

Komaneka at Bisma is one of four resorts in and around Ubud, in the central highlands of Bali. The Komaneka Resorts are created by a husband and wife that were born and raised in Ubud by selecting luxuriant landscapes of village life and designed to reflect a contemporary interpretation incorporates modern sophistication with traditional Balinese architecture. By using locally sourced materials and elegant furnishings in warm, earthy tones, the resort is  designed as a sophisticated and contemporary lifestyle destination that makes you feel ‘at home’ with Balinese hospitality experience.

The spacious suite room

The resort main wing houses the all suite rooms which are very generous in proportion in an open-plan design with a large balcony overlooking the rice terraces. They are decorated with rich fabrics and exquisitely crafted local furnishings. The best way to describe the suite is the freedom of space and flooding natural light. It is a truly comfortable space that is thoughtfully designed with earth color tone materials that ‘cools’ you down after a day in the tropical heat. The glass doors and walls create an inside/outside feel, from the bathroom to the bedroom and the bedroom to the balcony with blinds and curtains to create privacy when needed.

Room with a view

Echoing the nearby rice terraces, the resort crawls up a lush jungle hillside, each level affording another take-your-breath-away view of the highlands. If you think it is time to leave your room, the resort has so many places that you may want to explore and stop for a moment of contemplation, or just listen to nature and soak up the lush green landscape.

We were once told by someone who decided to book and stay in this oasis of serenity for a week because they saw an image of this resort’s long infinity swimming pool deep down in the valley and surrounded by lush of green and mesmerized by it.

Indeed, the beautifully proportioned main swimming pool – a 25m long pool that slices through the heart of the resort invites you to take a leisurely dip, or work off all that delectable Balinese food. It is a key feature of the resort and in our opinion, this could be one of the best pools you will encounter.

Relax at the calm and inviting 25m length swimming pool

Be indulged and inspired by this serene and peaceful surrounding

A complimentary afternoon tea overlooking the pool and rice paddy fields, or even by the pool is offered daily. Book a spa treatment to enjoy an isolated location by the fast flowing river, or for that matter, just plop down on those large sofas in the lobby and look out to the unfolding vistas of mountains, rainforest, paddy fields and beyond.

The lush of green reflection from the pool

 If you have your trainers on, the 500m jogging track located within the compound can also take you on a scenic route under a canopy of trees along the river and paddy fields.

The Hotel all day dining restaurant

The hotel’s fine-dining restaurant serves up Indonesian and Western fusion cuisine,  a cooked breakfast that could not fail to please your appetite with unlimited serving. The traditional Indonesian dishes are a real spot on and not a disappointing dish to be found throughout the menu.

Try to get a balcony table with shades, the view is just the tonic to start your day in a tropical haven. While there is never a rush, so inevitably turns out to be a long breakfast, observe and embrace the flora and fauna and eating at a leisurely pace and that is exactly why the guests are here for.

We particularly enjoyed the Bakso Soup on a special request and it was offered on top of the existing menu as an add-on alternative. That generous gesture and hospitality makes you feel even warmer by being well looked after. The service team not only listen to your needs but remember details about your preference yet they will go extra miles to please you with the authentic Balinese hospitality experience.

Hence, a menu was tailor made with our prefer choice of breakfast and have our name printed on it. It was then presented to us the following morning with a pleasant surprise.  Indeed, Komaneka Resorts is about its people, their sincerity genuinely offer you a high standard of service in a luxurious accommodation with lifestyle. Such exclusive hospitality went beyond extra miles to make you feel at home away from home.

If you get bored of dining out in the Ubud scene, we suggest to staying and sample their enticing dinner menu. The <GRANGASEM> clear chicken meat ball soup with grated coconut and fried shallot is to die for as well as the <SATE LANGUAN> a grilled snapper skewers with sweet red chili, served with lawar vegetables and steamed rice. For the sweet tooth, the Balinese <DADAR> a crepe filled with grated coconut and palm sugar and served with vanilla ice cream.

Dusk at Komaneka at Bisma Resort entrance

The Hotel lobby interior set with a perfect ambience and the ideal venue to enjoy the sunset with your favorite cocktails

Our departure was not something we looked forward to, as everything we experienced from the arrival until check-out was seamless. Despite the little flaw from our room’s lighting was rather dimmed at nights without having any level of adjustment, we try to find other flaws during our three days stay, it was almost to none. 

With such a genuine touch that was consistent to the point of spectacular, we managed to grab one last look at the pool and paddy fields from the lobby balcony and take some precious memories with us as this resort has so much to offer and delivers especially the warm hearted hospitality with passion. Bidding farewell is always not an easy thing to do, we had left our hearts in Komaneka at Bisma for sure and we have already begun to count the days on our next return……and to pick the soul of Bali in the heart of Ubud. 

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5 
Room Amenities: 4.5/5
Housekeeping: 5/5
Service: 5/5

Swimming Pool

Dim & Non adjustable room lighting

Jalan Bisma
Ubud, Gianyar Sub-District
Bali Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 900 1333

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