Giorgio Armani @ 3/40 #Atribute to the Sketch

Throughout Giorgio Armani’s career there are a few staple items that he has always had in his toolbox to help communicate his vision. Perhaps the most important of them all is the sketch.

 Having had no formal education in drawing, Giorgio Armani has nevertheless polished his craft and is now versatile in most aspects of fashion illustration. If you look at the sequential evolution of the sketch at Armani, it has expanded throughout the years, but its simplicity has always stayed the same: pen and paper.

Often with a pencil and crayons, sometimes more or less detailed, but never computer initiated or one sketch less unique than the next. “I believe that the hand of a human being is very different from the key on a computer. I am very loyal to my roots that come from pure design – a pencil and a sketchbook. But of course where necessary I rely on the latest and most modern technologies.”

In the early years it was quite common for Mr. Armani to sketch on a black background, even directly on fabric, with stitched pieces of sample textiles and written instructions on top, but as time went by, the images became more elaborate and less busy.

As the brand grew into forays of beauty, frames, furniture, timepieces et al – the sketch has always stayed the centerpiece and go to tool to initiate it all. “I chose not to look at what was happening around me, from a fashion viewpoint. I started each season with a blank sheet of paper”.

Interestingly enough, you might want to know that the very website you are reading this on, couldn’t be launched until Mr. Armani had put pen to paper and sketched out his vision. Also in just about a month, Giorgio Armani will launch Armani/Silos – a museum dedicated to his work, and the actual logo itself features a sketch by Mr. Armani.

That is the way it has always been and the way it will always be with Mr. Armani at the helm. The Giorgio Armani way.

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