ASIaN TWIST @ The Nanyang Specialties Opens Second Store in Wan Chai

ASIaN TWIST are known for its Nanyang specialty when the first store opened in ifc mall a couple of years back and we love their Rendang Dish as ever. To satisfy a wider audiences, a second store has opened recently in Wan Chai district featuring a wider selection of authentic dishes from its group of culinary team from Singapore and Malaysia. Inspired by the heritage architecture of Singapore’s famous Black and White Houses, the architectural style of the new restaurant has a distinctly Tudor aesthetic. With bright white walls and black-rimmed full-height glass windows, the spacious nostalgic colonial atmosphere and servers in traditional Batik uniforms creates a more feel-like-home dining ambience. Another highlight for this newly opened store is an Happy Hour from 3pm to 6pm featuring special finger including popular street snacks as <Spam Fries> (Pork) and <Salad You Tiao>. Serving the iconic Singapore Sling and Tiger Beer that overflows with a malt barley fragrance. One of the very few who has a Happy Hour session in such a restaurant per se. We had a word with the new flew in Chef Aaron Liang from Singapore who rules the kitchen in this new store. With some 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, hold on a minute, ghee, did he start as a illegal child worker when he become a Chef? Don't get fool by his young and innocent face, Chef Liang will ensure he does his job right in ASIaN TWIST after having served as a navy fleet chef before he return in solid land. Chef Liang insist his culinary is loyal to original flavours and committed to creating unique new seafood and meat dishes for ASIAN TWIST and yet introducing diners to delicious and innovative new combinations. The much anticipated seafood feast includes signature <Singapore Chili Crab> and <White Pepper Crab> in which we had yet to have a chance to try as our tasting menu was focused on other specialties while we were dining in. As told, The carefully selected mud crab are not more than 1kg to ensure its best quality and freshly cook to combine a burst of flavours for a dining experience by taking taste buds to a whole new level. Oh Yeah, not forgetting their reknown <Fish Head Curry> which is on our next dining list.

The all times favorite Nanyang Specialty <Hainanese Chicken Rice> was beside the tasting menu but is a must try despite the overcooked vegetable and chicken texture was rather on a rough and less heated condition. The home mad chili, ginger, sweet black thickening soy condiments makes the best company for the well cooked fragrance rice.

We started with the <Butter & Kaya Toast> with a glass of "Yuen Yeung" (Half Hananiase Coffee and Half Tea mixed with Condense Milk). We advise the toast shall be consumed right away when served for its crunchiness bite as well as the drink before it forms a thin layer on top of the surface for its best aroma. While chatting with Chef Liang and another pre order of <Stirred Fried Noodle with Seafood and Meat Combination in Special Sauce>. The noodle came in right texture with the right separation from each other and absorb most of the special sauce while mixing, you could go for a second serving if you still have room.

This Wan Chai Store introducing some new dishes on the menu including the <Cereal Prawn> which turns out to be their order lists. Oatmeal is easy to be overcooked while undercooked will leave it tasteless, a special culinary skill is definitely required while stirring the shrimp with creamy butter, egg yolk, chilies, curry leaves and crispy fried selected cereal from Singapore  to create the tangy bite. The <Coffee Pork Rib> was next. As the Legend goes, this dish was originated from a Singaporean cook in the navy to delight his fleet by making use of limited ingredients available on the cruise and now it turns to be a signature dish of the country. The ribs are to marinate overnight to get the intense flavour and make it more tender and juicy then deep fried crispy. Then added the homemade Kopi bean sauce to form the rich aroma and sweet yet slightly bitter flavours. This is not our favorite dish among others that we tried but the gimmick may leave quite an impression.

<Fried Rice Vermicelli in Singapore Style> looks simple and unadorned, the vermicelli tastes like how it shall be cooked. Chef Liang commented that the trick is to deep-fry char siu (barbecued pork), shrimps and fish cakes to unleash the excessive oil inside and by adding a few drops of lime juice, the vermicelli tastes so good and is entirely different from the Canton-styled “Singapore Fried Rice Noodles”. Mind you, you can totally forget about the local Cha-Chan-Teng's version, Don't get rip-off any further. As the craving goes, we summoned Chef Liang for another Nanyang Specialties, <Stir Fried Morning Glory in Belacan> in their very own shrimp paste, once again, unlike what many other local restaurants do, they shall be be ashamed of how they have thought to cook such a dish. I suggest they come and try it here before they remain that same dish on their menu. It is totally authentic.

Inspired by curry noodles with Hainanese chicken, the <Hainanese Chicken Laksa> broth cooked with dried red cluster pepper, Malay chili, Indonesian dried shrimps, Thai galangal, coconut milk, Laksa leaves and chicken soup. In such condiments used, we expect a much more complex flavour but unfortunately, there are still lacking of the essence of its originality. Despite the deep fried bean curd wasn't totally absorb the Laksa flavour but in fact with some degree of separation within other condiment. We would seek for other progress in this hearty order dish. At ASIaN TWIST, every moment is designed to be a pleasure, at least they do try and  we love the thought of it.

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Service : 3/5

Shop 104, 104A, 105A, 105-108,
First Floor, Sun Hung Kai Centre,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3488 7812

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