COWSHED @ New Spa Treatment Products

In 1998 Nick Jones - founder of Soho House UK Ltd purchased an estate home set on 18 acres of land in Somerset, England. The intention was to create a home-away-from-home venue offering exquisite food, luxury accommodation and breath-taking views of the English countryside.
   In addition to various athletic facilities, charming treatment rooms were created in the small, formerly working, cow shed. The idea to create the Cowshed product range came about when sourcing natural products to use in the house rooms and spa. No products on the market seemed to fit the Sohohouse personality, so the custom range was created. Ingredients were hand-picked from Babington’s famous walled garden and infused with pure essential oils sourced from around the world.

Cowshed uses a combination of organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Wildcrafted oils are derived from plants grown and cultivated naturally in the wild. Experts regard wildcrafted herbs, to be the best source of essential oils. 100% pure essential oils are used in the products and thoughtfully created to boost your mood and benefit your mind and body. Cowshed products were created in Somerset, England for Babington House & Cowshed spa. To this day, all of our products are still made in England.

Cowshed is all about mood-boosting products. The names originated to make it easy for consumers to know what product to use when they feel a particular way. For this reason, the Cowshed planogramgroup products by mood rather than by category.

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