Mika @ The Origin of Love

 <The Origin of Love> marks the 3rd album of Mika since his debut in 2007, his flamboyant upbeat pop sound and vocal abilities were often compared to Freddie Mercury. Mika tones it way down as he works with a variety of writers and producers that give his music a different kind of depth and dynamic. <The Origin of Love> is an incredibly engaging collection, while not exactly deep in emotions and lyric writing, it is clear that he wants us to have a good time and puts together a great mix of styles that leaves you thinking it is never sounding the same.Mika has a wide vocal range, encompassing a high falsetto range which he puts to good use, such as in <Stardust>, <Overrated>, <Emily> and <Love You when I’m Drunk>. He tends to also put some great harmonies together with backup vocals partly synthesized for effect, which sounds great and stand out from other tracks. The studio mixing certainly enhances the polished sound-scapes that he has created with multi-layered choruses.
From the comparison on Bee gees in <Lola> to Enrique Iglesias in ,Stardust>, Mika's style seems to be referencing George Michael and other British 90’s pop sounds, ranging from playful vocals and almost anthem like choruses in The Origin of Love. The key to this album is that one moment you feel like you want to get on the dance floor, while some tracks give you moments for reflection and relaxation, such as <Underwater>, <Step With Me> and <Kids>. Mike co-wrote every song on this album to a more open styles of pop and musical versatility with less flamboyant than his previous material and fits comfortably between the dance/pop sound of acts. Perhaps, he is trying to get the attention of the mainstream without unnoticed.

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