ACQUA DI PARMA New Fragrance @ Iris Nobile Sublime

Acqua Di Parma latest classic and sophisticated fragrance Iris Noble Sublime inspired by the iconic and graceful flower, Iris. The almost transparent petals, like butterfly wings, softly vibrate in the blowing breeze and its magnificent corolla, its thin and slender stem capture the nobility. With its intense purple hues, captures and reflects light in countless glows, with gold notes that make it even more precious. Iris, a flower epitomizing the most refined Italian Renaissance culture, has been selected by Acqua di Parma as the expression of a noble femininity. Assertive and delicate, natural and refined, in deeds, in choices, in thoughts.
The iris flower captures the imagination with its magnificent, imposing beauty and evokes the graceful lightness of Iris, the messenger of gods, faster than the wind. It was indeed essential for Acqua di Parma to choose the iris, for its innate class and its luxuriant beauty, to launch the Le Nobili collection. In beautiful Italian gardens, the iris captures the look and draws free and harmonious geometries. Always at the heart of places exuding a typically feminine sense of beauty, where every detail is the result of a calculated choice.
For centuries it has been the favourite flower of painters and poets. This is why it became the symbol of Florence, a unique city of art, which adopted the stylised shape of this flower as its emblem, a close bond established in the Renaissance. Back then, in the lush Florentine gardens, between columns, harmonious hedges, old bas-reliefs, grand trees, and iris flowers, artists and men of letters found inspiration for their creations. Florence then became the worlds capital of art, giving life to ground breaking grand works. This was the origin of an all Italian tradition of beauty and culture, in which Acqua di Parma discovers its roots.
 It is a renewed taste for forms and harmony. An exquisite sense of colour and proportions. A deep love for nature and its surprising beauty that becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A new perception of man and his value, his savoir faire
The heart of the fragrance is Iris Pallida, one of the most precious ingredients of High Perfumery. An all-Italian variety of iris, which grows in Tuscany, adopted as the symbol of the city of Florence. A very rare essence is extracted with patience and dedication from its rhizomes, left to dry for years. Sublime in the search for all the purest ingredients that, together, enhance the sophisticated personality of the iris and celebrate its femininity in a perfect symphony. Sublime in its pure olfactory structure, with perfectly defined nuances, to unveil the natural elegance of an enchanting, charming flower with an exquisite scent.
The sophisticated touch of a fragrance that unfolds as fluid as silk. Soft and charismatic yet subtle and intense at the same time. Where each and every note, selected with utmost care, announces the next, celebrating the refined poudre tones of Iris Pallida. Each ingredient a repeated reference to the culture of perfection is the purest and most precious. The fragrance opens with the fresh elegance of mandarin and neroli of Italy, anticipating the bright, rich floral heart where ylang-ylang offers a first delicate poudre note. Then, the Italian touch of orange blossom enhances the utmost nobleness of Iris Pallida in a luxurious and warm harmony, joined by rosa assoluta and, in perfect contrast, the floral poudre notes of Sambac jasmine. The wood accents of Iris Pallida find an intense, persistent, modern echo in the base, where the combination of clear woods, cedar, acacia, and birch meets patchouli and musk. Iris Nobile Sublime is an exceptionally rich and well-balanced composition. A fragrance evolving from the top to the base with exceptional fluency, celebrating the properties of Iris Pallida, a perfectly recognisable Italian trait.
The pure glass bottle created by Acqua di Parma to contain Iris Nobile Sublime is inspired by the iconic design characterising Le Nobili making it even more precious. The look is captured by the warm and intense colour of a sumptuous fragrance. The refined traits of the Le Nobili collection are reproduced in the cap and in the gold label, where the name Iris Nobile Sublime carries the flowers purple colour. The box, with a plain cylinder shape in the typical Acqua di Parma yellow, also recalls Le Nobili. Inside, the softest and most precious silk, in purple hues, coats the base that supports the bottle, enhancing the uniqueness of the fragrance.

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